Sub-letting is where you rent out your house to someone else because you are going to be away for a short time. For example if you get a temporary job away from home it can be better to have someone living in your house looking after it. However, you will continue to be responsible for the tenancy during your absence. You have the right to sub-let your home provided the eligibility criteria are met and you have the prior written consent of the Association. If you want to sub-let all or part of your tenancy, you must have been the tenant of the house for the 12 months immediately before you apply for written permission to sub-let your home.

Before you can sub-let, you must get our permission. You must write and tell us:

  • Who you want to sub-let to
  • The amount of rent or any other payments you propose charging
  • When you want the sub-tenancy to start
  • Where you will move to on a temporary basis, and a contact number in case we need to contact you urgently
  • Why you want to sub-let your home

When we receive your request we will check the following:

  • You do not owe us any money.
  • There is no legal action being taken against you or your proposed sub - tenant.
  • That we have not obtained a court order to end your tenancy.
  • The rent or deposit that you plan to charge the sub-tenant is reasonable.
  • Your home will not be overcrowded.
  • The Association does not intend to carry out major works to your home.
  • That the type of tenancy agreement you plan to use is suitable and correct
  • That your proposed sub-tenant has not been responsible for any anti-social behaviour.

Permission will be given to sublet your house for  6 months. If you still want to sub-let at the end of this, permission may be given for a further 6 months, at our discretion. You can only sublet your house for a maximum of 12 months.

If we allow you to sub-let you will have to meet the following conditions:

  • You must make sure that the rent is paid and that your sub-tenant keeps to all other tenancy conditions.
  • You must tell us the amount of rent and any other payments (including a deposit) you propose to charge.
  • You must tell us if your sub-tenant moves out and get our permission to move a new person into your house.
  • You must write and tell us and your sub-tenant once you know the date you will be moving back into your house if you are coming back. If you want to come back before the 6 months is up you should contact your sub-tenant and us and arrange for them to move out.

We will end your tenancy and your sub-tenant will have to move out. We will not give them the house.

In your agreement with your sub-tenant, you should make clear arrangements for making sure that the council tax and fuel bills, and any other bills are paid,

any conditions for using your furniture or household equipment; how they can contact you and when their sub-let will end.

Make sure you let your insurance company know that someone else will be living in the house.