Exchanges and Transfers

Exchanging your home

You can request a mutual exchange with another of our tenants, a tenant of another Housing Association or the Council.

You must contact us to let us know about your plans. 

How do I apply?

You can obtain an application by telephoning, e-mailing or calling at our office. You can also click here.

Please advise us:

  • Who you want to exchange with and
  • When you want the exchange to happen.

We will take up a reference on the tenancy of the person you want to exchange with.

We won't let the exchange go ahead if you have rent arrears, or recharge arrears, or if the person you want to swap with has rent arrears or a history of anti-social behaviour. We won't let the exchange go ahead if our house would be overcrowded, or if it has been designed for a person with special needs and the house would not be lived in by someone with those needs.

You need our permission and permission from the other landlord. You must not move until you have this, in writing. Remember that we will not carry out any repairs for damage to your home, or improve the decoration. Your exchange partner must accept the house in the condition you leave it. We won't pay compensation for any improvements to the house that you have carried out.


We do not operate a transfer list but existing tenants can apply to our housing list to be considered for another property.  Your application will be pointed based on your housing need that is not being met by your current home.  Please refer to our Allocation Policy to find out how points system works.