Taking in a lodger is when you rent out a room in your home to someone who is not part of your household.

You must write and ask for our permission. The lodger may not move in until we have given our permission, in writing. You must tell us

  • Who will live in your home as a lodger
  • The amount of rent or any other payments you propose charging
  • When you want them to move in

You should put your request in writing giving all the details of who you want to take in as a lodger, the amount of rent or other payments you propose charging and when you want this to take place.

When we get your request we will carry out all the same checks as detailed under sub-letting your tenancy. We must give you our decision within one month.

If we give permission for a lodger to live in your home, this will be for a maximum period of 6 months. You must tell us if there are any changes in this time. If you end your tenancy during this period, you must make sure that your lodger moves out. We will not let them remain in the house.