Scottish Social Housing Charter (SSHC)

The Social Housing Charter (SSHC) sets out the outcomes and standards that all social landlords should achieve for their customers.It includes a set of standards and outcomes that encourages landlords to work closely with their tenants and other customers to deliver high quality services. 

You can also download a copy of the  Social Housing Charter by clicking here.

A hard copy of the revised Charter can be obtained by contacting or Tel: 0131-244-0643.

Scottish Housing Regulator(SHR)

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 established the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) from 2012, to safeguard and promote the interests of tenants and customers.

Log on to the SHR's website for Forth's Annual Return on Charter Submission and financial returns to SHR.

It  monitors, assesses and reports on performance against the Charter. Annually, the SHR publishes reports that assess how far social landlords are achieving the Charter outcomes. To compare landlords performance, log on to the SHR's website, which has a comparison tool. Click here for more information.

Click here for a copy of the SHR's current Engagement Plan which describes their work with us.

Click  here for a copy of the SHR's Landlord tool which enables tenants to read Engagement Plans for every Landlord in Scotland.

Click here for a copy of the How We Regulate from the SHR: A Guide for Tenants and Service Users.

Self-Assessment and Its Implications

Tenant and service user satisfaction is a principal indicator of performance in delivering the Charter outcomes: tenants views require to be incorporated into a landlords assessment of performance. Therefore, this is factored into our approach to self assessment.

Also, the  self-assessment process has been built into the service planning process in our Internal Management Plan  and into our methods of reporting. We report against Charter Outcomes, to the Scottish Housing Regulator.We fully support the principles of tenant involvement as outlined in the SSHC and will continue to seek to develop working practices which meet its purpose. Click here for more information on tenant involvement.

Tenant scrutiny is a key element of the Charter requirements. We therefore want our customers to be involved in analysing our performance. It is this feedback that will help our improve our services to you, our customer. We want you to get involved and have set up a Tenants View Forum which meets 3 times per year.

Click here to read more about their last meeting. The Forum scrutinises our performance and reviews various policies. If you want to become involved in scrutinising our performance, contact Angela Laley at the office for details of the next Tenants View Forum meeting.

Charter Reporting

The Annual Performance and Statistical Return (APSR) has been replaced with a single annual return of the key measures for the Charter outcomes, called the Annual Return on the Charter (ARC). This requires to be submitted by the end of May each year. 

The SHR annually publishes by August a report for each landlord with key information from its ARC. This is made available to tenants through the SHR’s website and is subsequently uploaded to our website. Click here for more information.

In September of each year social landlords require to provide an Annual Charter Performance Report to all of its tenants and the SHR. This Annual Charter Performance Report  includes analysis of outcomes achieved in the ARC involving self-assessment and tenant involvement. Click here to read these reports.