Fire Safety

Every hour of every day there's a house fire somewhere in Scotland. You can help reduce the chances of this happening to you by taking some precautions.

You can also ask your local firefighters to do a home check. They're free and easy to arrange.

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Keep Common Closes Clear

A fire started in a common stair could kill you and and your family. Even a small bag of rubbish can create enough smoke to fill a whole stair.
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Fire Prevention Upgrades

Under new laws we must have an interlinked warning system for smoke, fire and carbon monoxide by 1st February 2021.

We will write to you when these are programmed, to confirm access requirements. Please provide access, as not only is this required by law, it could save your life.

To help comply with the new regulations a brochure has been produced with step-by-step guidance on exactly what is required. It identifies the types of alarms specicified and where they should be installed.

Click here for a copy of the brochure.