Being A Good Neighbour

Your Tenancy Agreement details all your rights and responsibilities as a Tenant. These are the main points to remember in being a good neighbour:

  • You and your family and visitors must take good care to prevent damage to the house, to its decoration, its fixtures and fittings, the common parts and your neighbours‘ property.
  • You must not use or allow the house to be used for illegal or immoral purposes.
  • You must take your turn along with all other tenants and owners in keeping the common area clean and tidy.  

Showing Respect for Others

You and those living with you and your visitors must not harass or act in an anti-social manner to any person in the neighbourhood. This includes other residents, their visitors, our employees, agents and contractors.

Anti-social behaviour means doing things that cause or could cause alarm, distress, nuisance or annoyance to any person or causing damage to property.

This means that you and other people who live with you, and your visitors must not:

  • Use your house, or allow it to be used, for illegal or immoral purposes.
  • Vandalise or damage our property or any part of the common parts or neighbourhood.
  • Harass or assault any person in the house or neighbourhood for whatever reason.
  • Use or carry offensive weapons.
  • Use or sell unlawful drugs or sell alcohol.

If you are affected by behaviour like this, you should let us know. You should also tell the Police. We will investigate and take any action that we can to tackle the problem. We will always keep your name and address confidential and we won't say who has made the complaint. Of course, your neighbour may be able to guess who has complained. We may try to use mediation and other ways to improve the situation. We will take legal action if we believe it is necessary.

Antisocial Behaviour Resolution Team

For further advice relating to antisocial behaviour, please contact Stirling Council’s Antisocial Behaviour Resolution Team.

Simple rules to follow

Following these few simple do's and don'ts can make life more enjoyable for you and your neighbours:

Do‘s -

  • Keep your garden neat and tidy.
  • Keep any pets under control at all times.
  • Close gates and doors behind you, particularly doors in flats with controlled entry systems.
  • Keep an eye on your children and ensure they are not a nuisance to neighbours.
  • Expect to hear some noise from other properties at times and be tolerant of this.
  • Make sure friends visiting or leaving your home late at night come and go quietly.
  • Put your rubbish into your wheelie bins and ensure they are put out regularly for collection.

Don‘ts -

  • Play music, TV etc at loud volume especially late at night.
  • Clutter or block communal stairways. No items are allowed to be stored in communal closes to comply with fire safety regulations.
  • Leave rubbish on stairs or garden areas, as this can be fire and/or health hazard.
  • Allow anyone access to common closes if you don‘t know who they are.
  • Use household appliances e.g. washing machines, vacuum cleaners late at night. We would advise tenants to be considerate to their and not use these appliances after 9pm.