Staff Details

Staff Details
Name Job Title Email Address
Sharon Brady-Wardrope Interim Director 
Ewan MacDonald Interim Development Coordinator 
Mareta Greig Head of Tenant Services 
Elaine Shepherd Housing Services Officer
Kelly Cadden Housing Services Officer
Tracy Doran Income Maximisation Officer
Kevin Milne Assistant Housing Services Officer
Ann Gordon Assistant Housing Services Officer
Paul Fraser Senior Property Services Officer 
Stephen Dougherty Property Services Officer 
Calum Carberry Assistant Property Services Officer
Shona MacLeod Finance Officer
Carol Niven Assistant Finance Officer 
Samantha Buggy Head of Corporate Services
Becky Ramage Customer Services Assistant
Callum MacDougall Customer Services Administrator 
Kieron O'Hara Assistant Tenancy Sustainment Officer

The following individuals have been engaged to provide us with specialist assistance:

 FMD Financial Services: Financial services and advice.

Daradjeet Jagpal, Information Law Solutions: Data Protection advice.