We collect data commencing 1st April each year, for our Annual Return on the Charter (ARC),  This is submitted to the Scottish Housing Regulator annually in May. Tenant scrutiny is a key element of the Scottish Social Housing Charter (SSHC) requirements. We therefore want our customers to be involved in analysing our performance. It is this feedback that will help our improve our services to you, our customer. We want you to get involved and have set up a Tenants View Forum which meets 3 times per year. Click here to read more about their last meeting. The Forum scrutinises our performance and reviews various policies. If you want to become involved in scrutinising our performance, contact Angela Laley at the office for details of the next Tenants View Forum meeting. Examining our performance in detail ie scrutinising, is important to let us know where we require to improve our service to our customers. For information on how we are performing compared to other landlords click  for information from the Scottish Housing Regulator(SHR). This SHR site has a comparison tool helping you to compare landlords' performance. Click here for more information on Performance and Scrutiny, including our Annual Performance Report and the SHR's Annual Report. Or click on the downloads below to read more about our recent performance.
Complaints Performance

Annual Performance Reports

Scotland's Housing Network (SHN) Benchmarking Report

Scotland's Housing Network (SHN) is a benchmarking organisation. They have provided an analysis of our performance, in which they compare our performance with a number of similarly sized Housing Associations operating in similar areas. The report shows that our performance compares very favourably with the other Assocations. In almost every category our figures are amongst the best of the group. The overall conclusions show that when performance is combined with value for money assessments, we have the best performance of the group.  Moreover, we are indeed one of the top  landlords in the country.