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Warning! Universal Credit In Stirling From June 2017

WARNING Universal Credit!!! - From June 2017

As from June 2017, (date to be confirmed), Stirling will become a full service area for Universal Credit. This will mean that anyone claiming a NEW benefit will require to claim Universal Credit.
For example if you are currently claiming Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and then are found to work and require to claim Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) as from June 2017 you are likely to have to claim Universal Credit. Even if you appeal the ESA decision, this is overturned and ESA is reinstated, the claim for Universal Credit will continue.
If a claim for Universal Credit is made then this will include all Means Tested Benefits (not Child Benefit or DLA/PIP/AA). This would mean that any Tax Credits or Housing Benefit would stop and be included in Universal Credit claim which would be paid once per month.
If you claim Child Tax Credits and you have a new child then you will still remain on Tax Credits as this is a change of circumstances and not classed as a new claim.