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I Am Me - Keep Safe Project

I Am Me - Keep Safe National Initiative  - Forth is a Safe Place for those Who Might be Vulnerable

The Keep Safe project is a national initiative developed by the community based charity I Am Me, working in partnership with Police Scotland. The aim of the initiative is to establish a network of safe places for people who may be vulnerable. This might be due to a Physical or Learning disability, mental health issue, a sensory impairment, dementia or frailty. Our offices are somewhere where they can go when lost, distressed or frightened. Individuals utilising the scheme will carry a card with the contact details of the person they would like to be contacted if they are in need of assistance. The card may also include information about the person’s health and how they communicate. As we have signed up to the project we display a sticker on the front window of our premises to indicate our participation. Our  staff when  presented with the Keep Safe card will contact the person’s support or in cases of criminality the Police. A mobile app also allows users to plan routes, identify participating businesses, as well as contacting and reporting incidents to police. You can access more information relating to the project via this link