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Housing First

Housing First Scotland - Forth is Supporting A New Approach to Supporting Homeless People in Stirling

Forth is bringing a new approach to supporting homeless people in Stirling. As part of a national initiative involving Social Bite and the Scottish Government, Stirling will be one of 5 pathfinder projects seeking to establish Housing First as a mainstream approach in Scotland. Forth will be providing up to 20 tenancies over the next 18 months and households will receive intensive support from Loretto Care to help people establish their tenancies and address the challenges that they experience.

Housing First means that home is the best foundation from which to address any other challenges people face. It means safety and scurity, and a fresh opportunity for people to build and live their lives as part of a community. Housing First Scotland is the first response for people whose homelessness is compounded by experiences such as trauma, abuse, addictions and mental ill health. It means leaving homelessness behind for good - the system, the experience, the label.  We are playing our part because we believe that most people can, with support, live and thrive in our local communities.