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Would you like to complete benefit applications on-line? Apply for jobs? Shop for all the latest bargains? Thanks to Big Lottery Funding, our Digital Inclusion Project – Connecting Stirling – could help you. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you already know. Or what you use to get on-line. Craig and Ian can come to your home or use a local venue which is convenient for you. By the end of their sessions you should be able to browse with confidence, apply for jobs/benefits, shop for deals, send/receive e mails and engage with social media.To contact Craig McNicol or Ian Brown, please phone our office and we will arrange an appointment on your behalf.

Clients' Recommendations and  Experiences after Using Digital Inclusion Worker (DIW) - 

Client A was hoping to return to work after a period of illness. She initially got  help  in using a computer and the internet, and confidence to get back into the job market. While helping the tenant, the DIW’s also assisted her daughter who left college. The DIW’s helped her search and apply for jobs online, prepare a CV and learn how to use a computer for possible employment in the catering industry. Her daughter was shown how to look for apprenticeships and apply for jobs. 

The client’s daughter applied for Universal Credit with the DIW’s support. Upon initial application she was refused, so she was helped to check her eligibility for the benefit on a calculator site. She was found to be eligible so applied again while the DIW’s were present. It was noted that she had missed out her bank details. These were added to the application which made it successful.
As part of recruitment for a Care job the Client sent a reference request to her past employers. They called her back to say they were still interested in her as a valued employee,  and would she take up the offer of a job with them. She is now working full time for this catering firm.

Client B has difficulty engaging with services due to health barriers and family problems. She engaged with the DIW service and became interested in keeping her daughter safe online and getting online herself.
Client B said: " Craig and Ian got me interested in keeping my daughter safe using the internet on her phone, and gave me some materials on the subject and useful advice on getting online myself. I will look at internet providers and speak to Craig and Ian for further advice."

Examples of what the project has achieved to date:

• Clients have gained suitable employment
• Clients have found additional employment which has increased their financial security and reduced dependence on ad- hoc employment contracts.
• Clients have gained confidence to apply for jobs, where previously they felt unable,  due to a lack of online skills and abilities.

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