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Management Committee Meeting Sept 18

Management Committee Briefing

The following points were covered at the September 2018 Committee Meeting:

 The following people were elected as office-bearers:
o Chairperson- Gordon Mason
o Vice –chairperson- Pat Heneghan
o Secretary- Colleen Sharp
o Treasurer- Gillies Thomson

 A consultation seeking the employers views regarding the forthcoming salary negotiations by EVH was completed.
 The quarterly development update was considered and the following noted:
o The Johnston Avenue Phase 1 development was now fully handed over.
o Progress with the 35 homes at Howlands Road has been very good.
o No major developments had occurred with the various pipeline projects which Forth is working on.
 The quarterly maintenance update was considered and the following noted:
o The volume of reactive repairs has remained largely in line with the historic situation.
o Contractor performance against targets was up to 99.4%, average completion times fell again and 97.7% of jobs were completed right first time.
o Spend was largely within budget, although additional works being carried out to empty home, to meet the forthcoming standards for fire detection, had pushed void maintenance spend over budget.
o Plans for cyclical and improvement works for the coming year are in hand and committee approved the appointment of a boiler replacement contractor following the procurement exercise.
 A series of policy reviews were considered and the following approved:
o A suite of Data Protection Polices to reflect the current legislative position.
o Renewal of the existing Defects Policy.
o Renewal of the existing Handover Policy.
 The annual update to committee member’s declaration of interest statements were completed.
 An additional meeting was agreed for 10th October 2018 to progress the options appraisal exercise being    carried out in light of the Director’s impending retirement.
John Cameron