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Management Committee Meeting Nov 18

Management Committee Briefing

 The following points were covered at the November 2018 Committee Meeting

An annual report on data protection issues was presented by Daradjeet Jagpal, DPO, and this covered the following:

  • The information and advice provided in relation to GDPR
  • Policies and procedures developed
  • Internal data protection compliance
  • Data protection training and awareness raising
  • Data protection audit
  • Data protection impact assessments
  • The Management Accounts to 30th September were considered and the following noted:
    • A favourable variance of £161,100 existed thanks to higher than expected income and lower than expected expenditure. It was however noted that much of the expenditure savings were simply the result of delayed spend or delayed invoices, so the favourable variance is likely to diminish by the year end.
    • Loan repayments were £63,694 lower than budget and this was because interest rates had not yet risen as previously expected.
    • The cash projections over the next 12 months indicated that the cash reserve was likely to grown. However it was noted that in reality we would probably draw down less of the loan funding available for new homes.
  • The quarterly Tenant Participation report was considered and the following noted:
    • The De Moray RTO continues to function well and is focusing on community activities to build cohesion
    • An IT problem had prevented the issuing of some satisfaction monitoring texts during the quarter. Reactive repair satisfaction was however remaining very high with positive feedback.
    • Satisfaction feedback at start and end of tenancy remained largely positive and it was noted that some of the negative feedback received related to issues out with our direct control, eg health & safety issues restricting viewing access to new homes.
    • Plans are in hand for the joint tenant satisfaction survey, which we will carry out with 3 neighbouring landlords.
    • The Tenant View Forum had met and discussed key performance information and the Anti-social Behaviour Policy.
    • Complaints levels were down from the previous quarter and all were dealt with within target timescales, with no major concerns being dealt with.
    • The Anti-social Behaviour and Decant Policies were reviewed and readopted and a new Data Retention Policy was agreed.
    • Information regarding the Scottish Federation Of Housing Association’s new fee structure was received and this sparked a debate about the benefit of membership, which Committee wish to look into further.
    • The tender return was considered in relation to the bathroom upgrade contract and Committee confirmed their acceptance of the tender from CCG, who will now undertake this work for the next 4 years.


John Cameron, 27/11/18